Friday, February 26, 2010

Hannas Hobbyblogg

Few months ago I came across this wonderful blog.
It's a Swedish blog and the girl's name is Hanna. I say it's a girl because she is only thirteen, yes 13!!! She is just amazing, I'll tell you!!!
But she is soooo talented and already, she's a DT member at Magnolia's :)
How cool is that for a thirteen year old?!?!?!
Please, check out her blog and she also have a blog candy that ends March 5th. There is a link on my sidebar ;)

Vicki's blog candy :)

Have you guys seen Vicki's blog candy???
Check out the link on my sidebar ;)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm slowly getting there...

Hi everybody!
I'm still alive, even though the snow is almost drowning us here in Norway!!!
It doesn't seem like it going to stop but I hope it will sooner than later. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE snow, but this is getting out of hand I think. The snow in our garden is around 1 meter high at this point and getting higher as it is snowing outside as we speak.
I've been wondering how to organize my scrapbooking supplies and since I didn't have a table to work on, I got this great idea to get our kitchentable out of the garage and use that for the time being. It's now up in my little corner and I'm just trying to organize my stuff so I can start to do something creative again!!! My fingers are itching and they are itching bad so this will be done very soon... I hope.
Few days ago I came across this great blog: CRAFTY STORAGE
Have you guys seen it before???
It's absolutely amazing and what a great overview of many different storage ideas!!!
Well, browsing through that blog I found another fantastic blog, Stacy sure knows how to organize and she just became my rolemodel for organizing!!!

Oh, and before I forget...
Jacque has some wonderful SWEET STUFF give-away again... There is a picture and a link on my sidebar ;)

Hugs for now,

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy new Year and long time no see!!! Oh, and yes - have you seen Jacque's blogcandy???

Hello everyone!!!
First of all, Happy New Year and I'm sorry that you havn't seen me for awhile now.
There is a reason and pretty good one too... In December I packed all of my stuff and in the beginning of January, I moved with my family to Norway - hopefully to have a better life!!!
Now, I'm trying to organize all of my things, in a new home and all I've done with my scrapbooking stuff is to look at my boxes and unpacking all of my cardstock - that's it!!!
My fingers are itching for some scrapbookingtime but unfortunatly I have a problem, I don't have a table that I can use as a scrapbookingtable, so I have a bit of a dilemma as you can see :o/
But I hope I can do something about that soon...

But have yoy guys seen this fantastic sweet stuff AND the blogcandy that Jacque is giving away???
It's just fantastic!!!

There are links on my sidebar ;)